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The Classic Fireplace (Download Only)

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This listing is for the download only of The Classic Fireplace  No disc will be mailed, however, if you do decide to purchase the Blu-ray disc, we will credit the download price. 

This download contains all three scenes in 720p and Full Blu-ray 1080p .M4V format, suitable for Apple TV, Roku and all home media players.  (Hint: To turn music on or off, try a different "language" track (This is how the file format handles different audio tracks).

The downloadable version of The Classic Fireplace includes real crackling fire sounds (No Music).

Most video fireplaces haven't changed much in the last 25 years, since VHS were first made.  They were designed for a 19-27" screen.  Those screens are tiny by today's standards.  A fire might look great on a 20" screen but ridiculously huge on a 65" screen. At the same time, a fire designed for a large screen looks absolutely lilliputian on a small screen. We designed our fireplace Blu-ray disc with versions for a multitude of screen sizes.  You can pick the right zoom/crop level (small, medium or large) for your TV.  Since we filmed the fireplace in 4K, all of the scenes, even the cropped ones, are presented in full HD.

Another common pet peeve that we've experienced with some other fireplaces -- the flames go "off the top of the screen."  We designed our scenes feature the full fire.   We searched high and low for a classic fireplace that provided the right dimensions and visual interest for multiple zooms.


The first 3 scenes are the same fire, but set at different zoom/crop levels from the 4K footage:

Scene 1: Designed for small screens (computers & small TVs)
Scene 2: Designed for medium screens (31" to 50")
Scene 3: Designed for larger screens (51" and above)
The other 2 scenes include:
Scene 4: A "natural fire" for larger screens, that burns down to a smolder
Scene 5: A medium-frame "Yule Log"
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