Maker of colour management solutions. 

About Scenic Labs

Scenic Labs is the exclusive worldwide publisher and distributor of Digital Video Essentials HD Basics, the preeminent home theater calibration program from industry legend, Joe Kane.  We are also the manufacturer of the MediaLight D65 Bias Lighting System

From our beginning in a New Jersey garage, Scenic Labs is now the world's leading supplier of seamless ambient videos for public display.  A mainstay in doctor's offices, hospitals, spas, wellness centers, residential care centers and hundreds of thousands of individual homes, BluScenes discs and closed-circuit entertainment systems are the perfect "set and forget" entertainment. 

"Flat-screen TVs pose a design challenge: they often occupy the focal point of a room and can even turn into a distraction while entertaining. BluScenes treats your TV as décor, providing digital art that's unique, relaxing, and fun."

– Jason Rosenfeld, Founder of Scenic Labs
There is no shortage of nature programming on TV, but surprisingly little of it is suitable for all ages, and playing these programs can result  in playing a competitors' advertisements to your clients.  Even less is sourced purely from 1080p-or-above sources with lossless audio.  Broadcast video cannot yet match the fidelity of Blu-ray due to current technology and bandwidth constraints.

If you have questions, we have experts to provide answers.  Give us a call at 973-933-1455. 
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